Wellbeing Reflexology

Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Maternity Relexology

Maintaining a balance in the rapidly changing body.

Fertility Reflexology

Increasing your chance for success.

Hormonal Reflexology

Maintaining balance at every stage in a woman’s life.


Reflexology at nmfclinic

We are reflexologists specialising in women’s hormonal health and fertility. Our experienced reflexology practitioner, Liat D’Elia provides expertise in restoring and maintaining hormonal balance throughout her clients’ lives: menstrual cycles | fertility & conception | IVF support | maternity care & post natal | pre-menopause.

Liat provides specialist Reflexology Lymph Drainage to support women and men in managing lymphoedema and other medical conditions.

We believe that true natural therapy treats the body on all levels: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Treating the body as a whole is key to alleviating any particular symptom. Read our treatment pages for details of reflexology in Kent.

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Recommended Experts

Recommended Experts

We work with specialist & experienced pregnancy yogis in

CANTERBURY: Mindfulness Yoga

WHITSTABLE: Liz Forman Yoga


and also hypnobirthing experts in

FAVERSHAM: HypnoPregnancy


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Google Reviews

It Takes Two

It Takes Two
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There’s always a consultation first to check on with my clients’ symptoms, happinesses and concerns, but when I say, “okay, hop on the bed, it’s time for your treatment”, it’s I see faces light up and shoulders drop with relief. ...
On Sundays I find time to reflect on what I do (reflexology) and why I do it (you guys). Much of my work is with women. I meet them at all stages of life, dealing with the hormonal and health ...
Look after yourself from top to toe. Whether you holiday at home or in the UK, wearing this season’s Birkenstocks or last year’s flip flops, find time for self care.
It can be a conversation with a friend or a ...
Fertility isn’t just a feminine issue. Men face a wide range of fertility issues too. Reflexology can support men going through treatment.
Our treatments helps to make the body receptive to conventional remedies as well as calming the mind at ...

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